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Please review the below Terms & Conditions carefully before registering for a training class. The following terms and conditions are also linked to the registration form completed upon class registration.


When registering for a class you are agreeing to the below-stated information. Failure to review the proceeding information is the sole responsibility of the intended student. Violation of the below Terms & Conditions will be processed in accordance with the following: 

Section I

Refunds/Transfers/Missed Attendance.

  1. If you are unable to attend your class and you provide written documentation with a minimum of 30 days of notice, you may use your tuition as a credit into any upcoming training class within three months of the original date of your training. Deposits are non-transferable unless 30 days' notice has been given. This includes all online classes and in-person classes.  There are no exceptions to the refund policy. We do not provide tuition on class deposits under any circumstance.

Please note that under no circumstance do we offer refunds or class transfers on class tuition or on deposits unless a 30-day notice is provided. There are no exceptions to this policy. It is the responsibility of the student registering to understand this policy before submitting payment for a class. If you have any concerns about not being able to attend your training class, we highly encourage you to reconsider your decision.

 2. If you fail to attend your training class and have not provided 30 days' notice, The Extension Academy requires that the balance of the remaining amount owing on your tuition is paid. The remaining balance is due 5 business days before the day of your training. You will be invoiced to the email address given upon registration.

* Please note if you do not attend your training class, we do not provide transfers into other classes under any circumstances. If you fail to attend your scheduled class, you will forfeit your tuition. Please be sure you are comfortable with this policy before registering for a class. The Extension Academy holds the right to change/transfer training dates for safety reasons or reasons beyond our control or for any concerns due to health and safety.

Extenuating Circumstances.​

The Extension Academy reserves the right to cancel classes due to extenuating circumstances that could potentially impact the health and safety of our staff and students, such as adverse weather conditions or health threats, like COVID-19. In addition, we reserve the right to change the location of the class, so long as the new location is within a 15 minute driving distance from the original site. In the event that transportation is necessary, we will provide it for free, along with any associated parking fees. If your class is cancelled by us, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Section III


1. The Extension Academy provides referrals and contacts during our training classes. These referrals consist of reputable insurance providers in both Canada and the U.S.  All insurers will provide coverage on a case-by-case basis which is determined by the insurance provider. Insurance is not guaranteed by The Extension Academy.

Section IV

Replacement of Goods.


The Extension Academy is not responsible for lost or damaged items after the training course is complete. The Extension Academy is not responsible for the replacement of any kit item unless deemed defective by The Extension Academy or Health Canada or the FDA. The Extension Academy holds the right to change suppliers at any time. Items distributed in class are subject to ongoing change/regulation by the states and provinces we operate. Recalls or future regulations will result in the replacement or partial refund of any T.E.A. defective item with an item deemed comparable by the discretion of The Extension Academy. If we cannot replace the item with a comparable option, a refund will be provided for the item. The value of the item will be determined by The Extension Academy. The Extension Academy will not issue refunds on any portion of the training itself other than the item in question. The Extension Academy cannot prevent or predict state/provincial regulations that arise after the event and is not responsible for any regulations that are enforced after training. It is the responsibility of the student to research the regulations in their county, state, province, etc.

Section V

Copywrite / Non-compete Policy.

All proprietary materials used in class are covered by Canadian copy write laws and distribution or reproduction of our training materials is prohibited. Other than with the express wrote consent of the Seller (The Extension Academy), which consent may not be unreasonably withheld, the Purchaser will not, from the date of registration, until June 23, 2020, be directly or indirectly involved with a business or provide a service which is in direct competition with the

business lines of the Seller that are the subject of this Agreement. Failure to comply with this will result in loss of certification. We do not allow competing beauty Academies to participate in our courses.

Section VI

Dispute Resolution.

Any buyer dispute placed on Paypal, Square, or any third-party payment processing system is in violation of the agreed Terms & Conditions and is expressly prohibited. Violation of the agreed Terms & Conditions will be pursued through individual arbitration.

Section VII


The use of slander, defamation, or any false claims made against T.E.A. (or its instructors), is strictly prohibited and is in violation of the student Terms & Conditions agreed to upon registration. This includes, but is not limited to, all forms of social media and online forums. The Extension Academy is protected by Canadian & US defamation laws and holds the right to pursue any individual in breach of the above conditions. Falsified reviews and statements will be pursued accordingly. 


By registering for a class you are agreeing to all terms & conditions laid out in the above statement and for your details to be stored securely and used in The Extension Academy communications (your details will not be passed to third parties). 

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