Q: What is included in the training kit?

A: Each class varies; please click here and select the class that you are interested in for more details

Q: Do I need any prior training?

A: Generally you do not require prior training to attend The Extension Academy classes. Some knowledge in the beauty industry is recommended but is not required. Many of our students are beginners with no prior experience in the industry. We have set up our classes in a way that suits both beginners and those with experience.

Q: Who are The Extension Academy Courses certified by?

A: All of our certification is provided through our training academy 'The Extension Academy'. The Extension Academy complies with all state and province laws in the territories that we operate. We are pre-screened and approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities in Ontario under the Private Career College Act 2005. In Canada, your training falls under the category of single skilled vocational training and has been pre-screened to be in compliance with the Private Career College Act 2005. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with their state, province, county, region, etc. for any additional guidelines or requirements in their district. 

Q: What's the duration of my training class?

A: Our class lengths vary depending on the course. Please click here to view the class length of the course you are interested in. Classes are usually 8-16 hours and typically begin at 10 am.

Q: Are The Extension Academy training courses long enough for me to be properly trained?

A: Yes, our class syllabuses and duration of all courses have been pre-screened by the Ministry of Colleges Private Career College Act 2005 . Additionally The Extension Academy has a firm commitment to student aftercare so we also provide past students with the opportunity to join any upcoming class free of charge (excluding model work) for a period of one year after your course. Just bring your kit and repeat the class as many times as you need to feel comfortable.

Q: What are the class sizes?

A: Our in class sizes vary depending on the course but we keep our class size small to maximize your training experience. We usually host 8-10 students per class. For our summer/fall 2020 classes, we will be keeping our training classes to a maximum of 5 students to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Q: Where are The Extension Academy classes held?

A: Our  training facility and head office is in Vaughan, Ontario. Please click here to view the specific locations of our upcoming training classes.

We also offer many of our classes ONLINE!

Q: If I don’t sign up for this class, when will the next one be?

A: Most training classes are usually held 4-6 weeks apart.  Please view our class schedule here for upcoming training class dates

Q: When will I receive my training certificate?

A: You will receive your The Extension Academy training completion certificate upon completion of your course. If you misplace your certificate and need a replacement, there is a fee of $35 to have a new one mailed to you. Please email us if this is the case. 

Q: Where is my certificate recognized?

A: Your training certificate is recognized anywhere that you are able to practice as a trained The Extension Academy Technician. Depending on what country you live in and where you plan on practicing, guidelines may vary.  It is the responsibility of the student to research these guidelines before registration to be sure you are able to practice in your region. In Canada, your training falls under the category of single skilled vocational training and has been pre-screened to be in compliance with the Private Career College Act 2005. Most insurance providers will provide insurance based on your The Extension Academy certificate. Insurance is provided on a case by base basis between yourself and the insurance provider and is at the discretion of the insurance provider. 

Q: Where are most student’s employed after completion?

A: Most students work as a freelancers in their own home based or mobile business. Some students will gain employment in salons or spas. It really depends on the type of future you are looking to create for yourself! It is the responsibility of the student to research any business licnences that may require.

Q: What if I can't attend my class? 

A: We do not offer refunds on class tuition and we do not allow deposits to be transferred into other classes. Please view our terms and conditions here before registering for a class. Please note that under no circumstances do we provide refunds on deposits. We do allow transfers into other classes if 15 days notice is provided. 

Q: Can I take a course if I do not live in Canada? 

A: Yes. We have many students come from countries all over the world to take our classes. We are happy to welcome all international students. There are no pre-requisites required. 

Q Returning Student Policy Update

Our Returning Student Policy is valid for one year after training. During this time you are welcome to come back to a training class at no additional charge if you feel that you need extra training, support, or guidance.

Please be sure to email us one month prior to a scheduled class and we will advise you of availability. We reserve one space per class for returning students. Space is filled on a first come first serve basis. There is no fee involved.

If you have taken an online class, you are welcome to come to one of our facility training classes as long as we have space available. If there is not space available, we will put you on the waitlist for the next available training class. Please note that due to our new smaller class sizes related to COVID-19, wait times to join a class are longer than usual.

*****Important Update Effective September 23, 2020: Please Note: we have currently suspended our returning student program until further notice. 


With the spike in COVID-19 cases in some parts of Ontario (now including York region), it is imperative that we do all we can to keep the number of students in our training facility limited to under 6 people so that we can properly socially distance each student. By doing so we protect the safety of our staff, our students, and our community. 

We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months and if cases start decreasing and the situation becomes more stable, we will start increasing our class sizes again and allow both online and returning students back for further training. We do not anticipate increasing class sizes for returning/online students until January 2021 but if anything changes, we will let you know. 

In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of having unlimited access to your online training class (we have taken away the one month restriction on having access to your course). 

Q: How long do I have to complete my model work if I do not complete in class? 

A: Due to COVID-19, we are currently lifting all model completion requirements for a period of 6 months. You do not need to send in any model photo’s at this time. Your certificate will still remain valid. Once you are ready to begin taking clients, you can simply send in by email photos of your before and after. You will have 6 months to send in your photos by email to info@theextensionacademy.com