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ONLINE Microshading Class

ONLINE Microshading Class

Excluding GST/HST

The Extension Academy's Online Microshading Masterclass. The Extension Academy's Online Microblading + Microshading + Lip Blushing Masterclass. Learn everything that you would during one of our in-person classes but online and with the convenience of completing the class on your own schedule! Once you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your course log in information.

  • Included In Your Class Fee:

    Online students receive the same business starter kit as the students from our in-person course and have up to six months to complete the training (approximately 8 hours of training).

    Our training kits are shipped worldwide and arrive within 3-5 days after registration. Our online training covers the same curriculum as our physical classes using a variety of written sections, video tutorials and quizzes. Certification is immediate on completion of the course. 

    In addition to your online class access you will receive:

    1. Your certificate of completion

    2. Approximately 8 hours of in-depth, online training

    3. Unlimited access to the T.E.A online Microblading Training Course for 6 months

    4. On-going support & access to our business mentorship program for up to one year

    5. A comprehensive business starter kit. The kit will allow you to establish your business and includes the following products: 

    x1 Black Training Kit​

    x1 24K High Quality PMU Rotary Machine (retails at $350)​

    x1 Box of IRL Replacement Cartridges​


    x3 Synthetic Practice Skins (with brow outline)​

    x20 Pigment rings​

    x1 Pack of Microbrushes​

    x1 Surgical Marker​

    x2 Cosmetic Wax Pencils (grey & brown).

  • Terms & Conditions

    By purchasing this product you agree that you have read and agree to be bound by The Extension Academy Inc's Terms & Conditions (inclusive of refund policy) which can be found here: T&Cs

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