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ONLINE Lip Blushing Class

ONLINE Lip Blushing Class

Excluding GST/HST

The Extension Academy's online Lip Blushing Masterclass. Learn everything that you would during one of our in-person classes but online and with the convenience of completing the class on your own schedule! Once you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your course log-in information.

  • Included In Your Class Fee:

    Online students receive the same business starter kit as the students from our in-person course and have up to six months to complete the training (approximately 8 hours of training).

    Our training kits are shipped worldwide and arrive within 5-7 days after registration. Our online training covers the same curriculum as our physical classes using a variety of written sections, video tutorials and quizzes. Certification is immediate on completion of the course. 

    In addition to your online class access you will receive:

    1. Your certificate of completion

    2. Approximately 8 hours of in-depth, online training

    3. Unlimited access to the T.E.A online Lip Blushing Training Course for one year

    4. On-going support & access to our business mentorship program for up to one year

    5. Access to attend as many additional in-person classes as required (free of charge), for up to one year

    6. A comprehensive business starter kit consisting of the highest quality products. The kit will allow you to establish your business and includes the following high quality products that are all Health Canada approved, Canadian sourced and hypoallergenic:


    • Black Training Kit Case
    • x1 24K High Quality PMU Rotary Machine 
    • x10 IRL Replacement Cartridges
    • x10 7MG Replacement Cartridges
    • x1 Pack of Disposable Lip Brushes
    • x3 Practice Skin
    • x1 Red Lip Pencil
  • Terms & Conditions

    By purchasing this product you agree that you have read and agree to be bound by The Extension Academy Inc's Terms & Conditions (inclusive of refund policy) which can be found here: T&Cs

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